Heart to Heart: A Life Of Brucks’ Guest Post Series

Welcome to our Heart to Heart Series!

{ If you would like to be apart of our Heart to Heart Series please email Mama Brucks at lifeofbrucks@gmail.com }

Proverbs 13:14 The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, that one may turn away from the snares of death.

Proverbs 13-14

This series is all about being filled with words of wisdom from those that have a heart to share with you their life’s journey.

So sit back, relax and enjoy these next few posts with us as we enter into the lives of those who have had a light shone on their paths and are willing to let it shine towards ours!

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21 Sure Fire Ways To Destroy Your Day

21 Sure Fire Ways To Destroy Your Day WWW.LIFEOFBRUCKS.COM Joy

Don’t we all just want to have a bad day?

I mean, come on, who wants to spend the evening laughing about all the fun they had that day?

I would much rather complain about down and outs of every second of my life then actually have something positive to talk about with my spouse!

Just in case you were having really joy-filled days and need to tone it down a little, here is a list just for you!

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Valentine’s Day Printable (Free Gift)

Valentine's Day Printable 1 John 3:18 Life of Brucks Blog

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it has me thinking about how I could best utilize this day to teach my children about the Love of God


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GroundHog Day Canada Style!

GroundHog Day Activities LifeofBrucks.com

If you are into planning fun stuff for your kiddos for different eventful days, then this post is for you!

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Toddler Routines: How To Take Back Your Home and Feel In Control Once Again

Toddler Routines: How to take back your home and feel in control once again. Life Of Brucks Blog

So you’ve noticed that the unplanned, disorganized days are causing strife and your toddlers are running amok around your house.

You wake up feeling rushed, in over your head, and as your hubby walks out the front door, you aren’t sure if hyperventilating in front of him was the best idea!

You need a routine and I am here to help!

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No Spend January: Week 3

No Spend January Life of Brucks No Spend Month Finances Budgeting

Week #3


We can see the light… Oh wait, that’s just the glow of the Chuck E. Cheese sign.

Yes folks, we are not perfect…we gave in to some fun at Chuck E. Cheese this weekend.

Let me explain  Here are my excuses…

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No Spend January

No Spend January Life of Brucks No Spend Month Finances Budgeting

One Month of Necessities Only

That’s right…No spending…Nothing extra that costs money.

My husband and I love to spend and shop…although its been within our budget (Dave Ramsey Style), our budget is going to be getting smaller so we are needing to reset and redo the next few months of budget and No Spend January is going to start us off on the right foot! (I hope!)

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Jesus Resting on a Manger


We hear this each and every time a baby is born, “Congratulations!”.

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One Last Look.

One Last Look: Have you looked in their eyes today? Life Of Brucks Blog

Their Eyes…

View More: http://branchtwigphotography.pass.us/brucks
Our little RoyRoy

          Three years ago, as a family, we chose to depart from our busy life in the city to discover a quieter, more rural life. We looked for a few months and soon found what we were searching for; a small village approximately 25 min. from the city. It was close enough to our business that the commute was enjoyable, the housing costs were ideal and the population was filled with young families like our own.

We found an incredible farmhouse from the 1920’s with a double lot for a yard (with two boys at the time, I knew we would love having space to run outside), and a ton of potential to be a dream home inside!  We have loved the last three years here ( although it didn’t come without trial), and have grown to love the scenic drive from here to the city.   I have witnessed majestic sunsets, encountered snowy owls and watched the lands change with the seasons.   There is so much going on outside the city that I had only heard about until we took the chance to see it for ourselves. Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Me

              Its dark in here, only my thoughts and my imagination surround me. I think and wonder, smile and cry, but no one can see me. They sense I am with them and know that I will one day join their world. I know when that day will come and today is that day. I sit and wait for the itch, the urge, the push I need to look out and see the world I have read and observed over the last few years of my hidden life. Today I am born into the world of writing and although the first few moments will be filled with fear and anxiety, it will soon be my new normal.  Here I go..off to meet the rest of you.

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