Homeschool~ Year 1 Catch-Up ~Year 2 Begins…

Wow! It’s been a while!

Apparently keeping a blog going and homeschooling is much harder than I thought!

Our year has been filled with amazing topics, great field trips, and a learning curve of managing a home while teaching!

Not only that, but I started my very own small business on the side…so busy is an understatement!

Here is a quick recap of what went on throughout the past year and my hope to keep recording our homeschool days as best I can! ( I would love for my kids to find this blog one day and see all that they accomplished!)


Field Trips:


Science Experiments:


And Celebrating Halloween!


We have also revamped our Curriculum a couple of times!


MFW K, 1 AND 2



Lazer Maze

Little Red Riding Hood Thinking Game

Jump In Thinking Fun Game

Acorn Alphabet

and our Local Library!!

I have loved printing off extras from other websites and from Teachers Pay Teachers!

From here on out, we will be fairly relaxed, working through a few different curriculums but also working with the interest of my kids!

Here’s to Year 2!!

As Always,

Praying and Laughing….Mama BrucksButterfly Life Of Brucks


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One Last Look.

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          Three years ago, as a family, we chose to depart from our busy life in the city to discover a quieter, more rural life. We looked for a few months and soon found what we were searching for; a small village approximately 25 min. from the city. It was close enough to our business that the commute was enjoyable, the housing costs were ideal and the population was filled with young families like our own.

We found an incredible farmhouse from the 1920’s with a double lot for a yard (with two boys at the time, I knew we would love having space to run outside), and a ton of potential to be a dream home inside!  We have loved the last three years here ( although it didn’t come without trial), and have grown to love the scenic drive from here to the city.   I have witnessed majestic sunsets, encountered snowy owls and watched the lands change with the seasons.   There is so much going on outside the city that I had only heard about until we took the chance to see it for ourselves. Continue reading