21 Sure Fire Ways To Destroy Your Day

21 Sure Fire Ways To Destroy Your Day WWW.LIFEOFBRUCKS.COM Joy

Don’t we all just want to have a bad day?

I mean, come on, who wants to spend the evening laughing about all the fun they had that day?

I would much rather complain about down and outs of every second of my life then actually have something positive to talk about with my spouse!

Just in case you were having really joy-filled days and need to tone it down a little, here is a list just for you!

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5 Ways to Make Walking Outside with Toddlers a Delight!

I’ve got a great joke for you!

One winters day, four toddlers and their mama go out for a walk….

Need I say more…

If you’re a mom you’re already laughing…

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Happiest of New Years 2016

Happy New Year 2016

You are Incredible!


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5 Energy Burning Games to Survive Christmas Break with Littles

5 Energy Burning Games to Survive Christmas Break, Lifeofbrucks.com, Life Of Brucks, Kids, Games, Children

5 Energy Burning Games to Survive Christmas Break

If you’re like me, the few days before Christmas is full of to-do lists and energetic children. These beautiful little ones are overly anticipating the coming celebration and even if they haven’t already raided the cookie jar, they are bound to, and the extra energy can be exhausting for Mama!  I have decided to try to plan for this extra surge of crazy with a few energy burning activities to use for the days ahead! Feel free to tweak them and make them work for you! Continue reading

Ode to Target: 6 Reasons I Shed Tears the Day They Left Canada


It’s been almost a year since you left us Canadians with your tail between your legs. Our cold climate and thick skin were harder to keep warm than you thought…but this does not make a mama of four littles happy…in fact…I cried… Continue reading

Baking with Four: Take #492


       Yup, here we go again. I actually thought that baking with my children was going to be “fun” this time. Don’t get me wrong, I had “fun” Cooking Mommoments in between the “Oh crap, that’s not sugar!” and “Don’t pick your nose and taste the batter!” spurts of crazy. I have been reminded that baking with 4 children under the age of five should come with a warning label stating “STOP! Do not attempt without a minimum of 2 adults per child!”, and “Don’t do it, seriously…just don’t…”. Continue reading

Simply Laugh


I needed a good laugh today, maybe you do too…hopefully this helps get you started…

The gun might be a bit extreme, but…
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