The Beginning….

Here we are…September 1st…


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Fear Shouldn’t Be Your Motivator: Guest Post

I am honoured to Guest Post over at To Share Care and Love today!

Fear Shouldn't be Your Motivator

A Letter To The Mama Deciding To Potty Train

A Letter To The Mama Deciding To Potty Train
Dear Mama ,

So you’ve begun looking…googling…pinterest-spying…

You’ve bought all the gadgets, gizmos and do-hickeys…

You’ve done the three-day, two-day and the just let-er-rip theory…

Yet your child still isn’t sitting pretty on the potty…

What’s a mom to do…

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Heart to Heart: A Life Of Brucks’ Guest Post Series

Welcome to our Heart to Heart Series!

{ If you would like to be apart of our Heart to Heart Series please email Mama Brucks at }

Proverbs 13:14 The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, that one may turn away from the snares of death.

Proverbs 13-14

This series is all about being filled with words of wisdom from those that have a heart to share with you their life’s journey.

So sit back, relax and enjoy these next few posts with us as we enter into the lives of those who have had a light shone on their paths and are willing to let it shine towards ours!

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21 Sure Fire Ways To Destroy Your Day

21 Sure Fire Ways To Destroy Your Day WWW.LIFEOFBRUCKS.COM Joy

Don’t we all just want to have a bad day?

I mean, come on, who wants to spend the evening laughing about all the fun they had that day?

I would much rather complain about down and outs of every second of my life then actually have something positive to talk about with my spouse!

Just in case you were having really joy-filled days and need to tone it down a little, here is a list just for you!

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Valentine’s Day Printable (Free Gift)

Valentine's Day Printable 1 John 3:18 Life of Brucks Blog

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it has me thinking about how I could best utilize this day to teach my children about the Love of God


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You Hem Me In…Psalm 139 Free Printable

Psalm 139:5

God is incredible. Before you were even born He knew you.

He knew ALL about you.

Not only that, but he has His capable hands on you.

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Mondays with Matthew and Mark

Bible Devotional Matthew Mark Mondays Lifeofbrucks Life of Brucks Christianity

Week #2: Called

Check out Week #1 to catch up!

Image-1 copy

Today’s Devotional

This week we are going to focus on the word Called

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No Spend January: Week 1

No Spend January Life of Brucks No Spend Month Finances Budgeting


No Spend January


Day One by 9 am was already killing me and I hadn’t even left the house…Online IKEA 10% off sales,  Target online deals…DEALS DEALS DEALS!!! I am the deal queen! And can’t pass these up…BUT I DID! Phew…focus focus focus…play games with kids, ignore the emails!

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A Letter to the Women Who Criticized My Home


They have the power to give life…

or death.

Image-1 3
Created using the YouVersion Bible App


You were a straight shooter. You walked into my laundry room and made no qualms about saying how ridiculous the set up was. You complained about how low the machines sat. You squawked about how the dirty piles just laid out there in the open taking up the space in my dining room.

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