The Beginning….

Here we are…September 1st…


What are my 6 and 5 year old doing today?

One has a fever and the other is playing games with his brothers…

What am I doing?

Sitting here pouring over all that we hope to explore and conquer starting in the weeks to come…

Anticipation is growing as my 6 year old keeps asking when we get to start and my poor 5 year old just wants to feel better…

As for what we hope to do…Well…let me show you!

My Father’s World K and Level 1

Reading Eggs

EasyPeasy All-in-One Homeschool

Five In A Row

(We did Before Five In A Row when Bobo was only 2, he is 6 now!!! Where has the time gone??!!!)

And as many adventures, road trips, and activities as we can manage!


Of course, we will be adding and playing around with so much of these curriculum that it will become something new every week, and who knows…we might just try something else half way through!!

This day has been a wonderful one ( 34 degrees!) and I cannot wait to begin our “school year” next week!

Stay tuned for our First Weeks’ post!

Truly Excited,

pink-butterfly-clipart-purple-butterfly-mdMama Brucks


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