Heart to Heart With Katherine Telford

Welcome to our Heart to Heart Series!

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Proverbs 13:14 The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, that one may turn away from the snares of death.

Proverbs 13-14

This series is all about being filled with words of wisdom from those that have a heart to share with you their life’s journey.

So sit back, relax and enjoy these next few posts with us as we enter into the lives of those who have had a light shone on their paths and are willing to let it shine towards ours!

Today’s Guest Post is from an amazing women of God!

City Girl Psalms, Katherine Telford, Lifeofbrucks Heart to Heart

Katherine Telford is a friend and fellow blogger over at City Girl Psalms Blog.


From her Bio: Hello my name is Katherine. I’ve lived in a couple big cities like Chicago & Vancouver and small cities like Saskatoon and Fort McMurray.  I’ve devoted myself to following Christ and in essence that’s what this blog is about. It’s about a modern city girl walking with an ancient God. David, an Old Testament king and lover of God often wrote psalms or songs when he was sad, stressed and at the end of his rope.

Got your coffee? If so, settle in for this amazing story!

(Feb, 18, 2016)

When I was in grade 1 my French immersion teacher told me I was slow.

She told my mother I was slow.

And the children in my class treated me like I was dumb.

Doing a spelling test I remember the viciousness in two girls faces as they whispered they “would never copy off my test“.

I remember the frustration and anger in that teacher’s face as she pulled me aside to yell at me for failing that test.

And I took all this in, all this hatred.

I am now 28, a teacher and the other day I was teaching on a sub call in the very room where I was dubbed “slow”.

It was a strange and proud moment for me. It took years of struggling with a grim perception of myself to realizing it wasn’t true and then learning to walk in my true identity to be able to stand at the front of that room and teach the day’s lessons.

From that time in grade 1 until about grade 11 my grades were Fs, Ds and Cs. I handed almost everything in late, I cut class a lot. All because I was locked into this view of myself that I was undisciplined and slow.

This carried on until I became a Christian at age as a teenager.

Then at age 15 a man of God and scholar, Bernard Mukwavi, looked at me and told me I was “strong and intelligent“.

That was one of the first times I heard that I was intelligent and since the message I believe came from God, I internalized it and it shaped me. How could I deny the truth? God revealed my true identity.

I’m not undisciplined, I’m strong. I’m not slow, I’m intelligent.

Immediately I began to apply myself in school and started to get better grades, (Bs and As). I stared reading scholarly books just for fun. I taught myself guitar and wrote amazing songs. I painted. I made friends with geniuses with whom I’m still friends with today. I debated. I wrote. Towards the end of high school I could dream academically big. I could make documentary films or do research. I could become a song writer, or a mega corporate advertiser. I’m strong and intelligent so I COULD do it!

But what would I do?

I got accepted to a marketing & advertising school in Toronto but ended up going to Bible college which was a wonderful experience. During my second and last year of college, I remember I stood in front of a McDonalds and thought to myself “I should become an art teacher”. During that time I discovered a love for teaching and already had a talent & passion for the arts.

Then an amazing thing happened.

All the students that year received presbytery which is when prophets hear from the Lord and speak what God is saying to them. It helps provide direction for your life. The first thing one prophet said about me was that I would become a “teacher of creativity“. There was no way the prophets could have known the desires of my heart except God knew.

I believe God actually placed that desire inside of me and simply used the prophets to expose it.

So after Bible college I worked for a year then roused all the courage I had to apply to the faculty of Education at one of the most competitive universities in the country for teaching. The University of Regina gets an average of 500 applications a year. Out of the 500 only 300 get in and out of the 300 only 30 get accepted into the Arts Education program. Applying past the deadline and honestly without the best essay, I got in. By the grace of God I was going to become an art teacher.

Now I teach.

I’ve also produced a TV show, helped pioneer a Christian worship dance movement, taught Gospel dances and dramas, preached to thousands of people about Jesus, designed print media for ministries, created art that’s gone in galleries, and of course, taught art, my favourite thing.

I’m looking forward to getting into an art teaching position and whatever else God will do with the strength and intelligence He has given me.

There’s no limit to what God can do with His own creation when they trust in Him and believe they are who He says they are.


So back in that grade 1 class I took a moment to share this story with the students. I encourage them to be overcomers and to be kind to one another. I remember the students faces were not vicious but beaming and astonished. They were looking at the what God, and what kind people, had done for a young girl. A girl who got life and the truth spoken over her. And they were indeed kind to each other that day.

-Katherine Telford

Thank you Katherine for filling our hearts with truth today!

Head on over to CityGirlPsalms for more creativity from Katherine!

With love and kindness on my tongue and heart today,

Butterfly Life Of Brucks lifeofbrucks.comMama Brucks

Life Of Brucks Heart to Heart Guest Post Series

If  you would like to be apart of our Heart to Heart Series please email Mama Brucks at lifeofbrucks@gmail.com



15 thoughts on “Heart to Heart With Katherine Telford

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s amazing how much the power of words have an effect on us and other people. Words can bring life or they can bring destruction. Hearing about how you received the truth from the only One who matters and how the Lord has changed you in the process is such a powerful testimony! We are all so different in how we learn and what we are passionate about…. I know you are making an impact in the lives of everyone you come in contact with!!
    – xx Anna


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