Wild Time Wednesday: A Team Kid Brucks’ Series Week #2

Welcome to Wild Time Wednesday Week #2!
Love is in the Air!

I am glad you joined us!

Here you will wander through our Wild Wednesday and hopefully be inspired to have a wild day yourselves!


This all came about when I began realizing that I hadn’t been spending much focused time with my kids lately. Prior to our oldest son, BoBo starting preschool 3 years ago ( where has the time gone?!), I was the sole entertainer in the home. It felt exhausting, hence why preschool was a great idea, but instead of balancing it with a bit of planned activity at home, we slowly moved to a life without any planned crafts or fun, just random, if it worked, what can I do to distract the kid, moments…and not much planned mom and kid time.

I needed some fun with my babies again, so Wild Time Wednesday was born!

So here’s to Week #2 of Wild Time Wednesday’s with Team Brucks’!

Wild Time Wednesday: A Team 'Kid Brucks' Series.

Wednesday: Love Is In The Air

It’s Love Week at the Brucks’! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

I planned to do quite a few activities this week with the kids but found that we didn’t have as much time as I had anticipated…but we still had a lot of fun together!

First up, if you haven’t had a chance to see our “Love” chip jars, check them out here!

Valentine's Day Printable 1 John 3:18 Life of Brucks Blog

Here’s what we got up to!

Activity #1: Valentine’s Day Bathtub Fun!

This activity is great if you still have infants and toddlers in the home!

I found the idea for bathtub fun from Bath Activities For Kids!

We went ahead and purchased bath color salts from our grocery store in the bath product section and threw in a RED color tab.

I then added foam craft hearts from the dollar store and also some extra foam craft shapes to play with in the tub.

After adding LOTS of bubbles…the kids had a blast playing with their Valentine’s Tub Activity!

www.lifeofbrucks.com, Valentine's Day Bath Fun Activity for kids
Not easy taking a picture with your fancy camera and not have the kids get it wet!


Activity #2- Tape Resist Heart Painting

This activity was a last minute idea as the kids were getting antsy and I was running out of creative juices!

I remembered that Daddy Brucks has purchased an entire box of painting canvases from Dollarama a few years back for a conference and had extra left over!

I headed out to the garage and grabbed one for the kids to do together!

After using painters tape and duct tape, I created the best heart shape I could and allowed the kids to paint all over it with red, white and pink paint!

Here is the end result!





We also worked through understanding what Love looks like using our “Love” Chip jars!

IMGP1391    Check out the post here!
Here’s to more love in action this week!

With Love ( and a little paint),

pink-butterfly-clipart-purple-butterfly-mdMama Brucks

If you’re looking for more great activities, check out our latest posts!

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