21 Sure Fire Ways To Destroy Your Day

Don’t we all just want to have a bad day?

I mean, come on, who wants to spend the evening laughing about all the fun they had that day?

I would much rather complain about down and outs of every second of my life then actually have something positive to talk about with my spouse!

Just in case you were having really joy-filled days and need to tone it down a little, here is a list just for you!

21 Sure Fire Ways To Destroy Your Day WWW.LIFEOFBRUCKS.COM Joy

21 Sure Fire Ways to Destroy Your Day

What To Do When There Is Too Much Joy In Your Life

  1. Wake up the moment the kids do and get upset as they “interrupt” everything you need to get done before 8 am.
  2. Turn on your computer and “parent” while blogging, surfing, posting or pinning the latest parenting advice.
  3. Turn the volume for your notifications on your smartphone really loud…then attempt to answer every one of these messages.
  4. Turn your house of littles into a culinary school...make sure the cake is pinterest worthy too.
  5. Have nothing planned, nothing listed, nothing thought out…just live randomly and spontaneously in every moment…kids hate that.
  6. Complete nothing; just haphazardly attempt all tasks and quit them all before moving onto the next.
  7. Yell...yell loudly…about everything.
  8. Never spend Time with God
  9. Do everything for your children, and never teach them the need to do it themselves.
  10. Eat nothing.
  11. Drink only coffee.
  12. Eat only sugary items if necessary.
  13. Don’t bother getting dressed.
  14. Don’t bother brushing your teeth.
  15. Take care of only the kids...and even then, do only the basics…they are much grumpier if they have to scream for it.
  16. Do not go outside…in fact, close all the curtains and shut out any sunlight.
  17. Do not interact with any other adults.
  18. Do interact with ALL adults you know…in fact, invite them all over at the same time and do not prep the kids for this gathering.
  19. Expect the kids to act as mature adults in every situation.
  20. Expect yourself to be perfect in every situation.
  21. Read this list and actually follow it.

If you apply all of the above to any particular day, you will certainly find yourself with some difficult situations and a very “down and out” household.

Of course, if you choose to ignore this list, rebel and do the opposite, you will find yourself with joy in your home…and by all means, don’t complain to me about all that JOY!

Absolutely joking and praying for JOY in your homes,

pink-butterfly-clipart-purple-butterfly-mdMama Brucks

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40 thoughts on “21 Sure Fire Ways To Destroy Your Day

  1. Love the way you wrote this! A “do not do” list is sometimes a great wake up call. I have to admit that I do some of those – “there is too much joy in my life” items. One thing that does help me is to open all the blinds in the house – its a great way to “get outside” when its too cold!

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