Valentine’s Day Printable (Free Gift)

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it has me thinking about how I could best utilize this day to teach my children about the Love of God



I started looking for verses about love…a great place to start if I do say so myself…and I quickly found this wonderful verse below.

This week I plan to have my children work together to “show” love to their family members.

I have created three jars:

love jars, chocolate chips,, fill up the love tank, showing love with actions
Found these cuties at Dollarama! They even came with chalk for the labels!


These jars will help us to keep track and make it easier to “see” love in action…

They are filled with chocolate chips (chocolate just screams Valentine’s Day doesn’t it?!)


They will be able to have one “Love” chip moved to their jar when they “show” love in some form or another.

It might be a kind word, a polite answer, a hug, or simply sharing when they don’t really want to.

Whatever it may be, they will be encouraged to do it more often by seeing the chocolate chips fill up in their jars.

Once Valentine’s Day comes…we will sit down and enjoy our “Love” chips together!

I am also going to have this bible verse printed and displayed in my home..a great reminder for myself and a learning moment for my children!

Free Valentine’s Day Printable- 1 John 3:18

Love Printable

Valentine's Day Printable 1 John 3:18 Life of Brucks Blog

And for those who enjoy colouring!!

Love Printable B&W

Valentine's Day Free Printable 1 John 3:18

Happy Valentine’s Day!

pink-butterfly-clipart-purple-butterfly-mdMama Brucks

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Psalm 139:5


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