Wild Time Wednesday: A Team Kid Brucks’ Series

Welcome to Wild Time Wednesday!

I am glad you joined us!

Here you will wander through our Wild Wednesday and hopefully be inspired to have a wild day yourselves!


This all came about when I began realizing that I hadn’t been spending much focused time with my kids lately. Prior to our oldest son, BoBo starting preschool 3 years ago ( where has the time gone?!), I was the sole entertainer in the home. It felt exhausting, hence why preschool was a great idea, but instead of balancing it with a bit of planned activity at home, we slowly moved to a life without any planned crafts or fun, just random, if it worked, what can I do to distract the kid, moments…and not much planned mom and kid time.

I needed some fun with my babies again, so Wild Time Wednesday was born!

This month we are focusing on favourite books and adding to the stories with games, crafts and even puppet shows! Some days might go better than others, but I am looking forward to seeing the imaginations and creativity in my kids once again!

So here’s to Week #1 of Wild Time Wednesday’s with Team Brucks’!



Wild Time Wednesday: A Team 'Kid Brucks' Series.

Wednesday: POWERS OUT!

We found ourselves without power this past week, which means no heat, electricity or running water!

We had no idea how long this was going to last and after about an hour we found ourselves considering heading to my parents! That hour was probably one of the funnest we’ve had in a while though!

Here’s what we got up to!

Activity #1: IVY-KIDS Subscription Kit!

This activity came to us from a subscription box that we had purchased a month prior! Unfortunately, due to the canadian dollar dropping so far, we had to pause our subscription until the dollar gets a bit higher ( ok, a lot higher!).

This subscription box is MY FAVOURITE! It is packed with tons of amazing and high quality activities, as well as a great kids book!

We chose to do two of the activities from the box that day. After reading through the great little story, we chose to do the painting activities.

Here are the pictures from that hour of fun!

I love getting this green box in the mail! It is JAM PACKED with activities for my kids and ranges in age from 3-8!



The first activity was a personalized poster for the kids to paint. They are printed on heavy duty paper so they held up well!


Activity #2- Lizard Painting

The Ivy Kids Kit provided more than just a book and a poster…here are the kids painting their very own wooden lizard toy!

Here is what the rest of the kit looked like:


This kit includes EVERYTHING you need to complete the activities and kept my kids attention for quite some time!

Activity #3: Music Time

Wild Time Wednesday: A Team 'Kid Brucks' Series.

We found ourselves done after about 40 minutes and still had no power…so I had to improvise for our next activity and saw my set of musical instruments!

All I had to do was set them out and watch the kids explore! Bobo wasn’t feeling great so he opted to snuggle on the couch.


After our music time, I was hoping we could cook up some play dough and create our own lizards, but we had to head to my parents place due to the lack of water and heat…the power did eventually come back on that evening!

As for our planned Wild Time…we had to change up our activities a bit, but still had a blast! So thankful for that little green box though!

Here’s to mixing it up and having some good old fashioned fun!

With Love ( and a little paint),

pink-butterfly-clipart-purple-butterfly-mdMama Brucks

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9 thoughts on “Wild Time Wednesday: A Team Kid Brucks’ Series

  1. My children are grown and I don’t have grandchildren, but I have lots of kids I know who would love to have a Super Saturday and give their mom a break! Thanks for sharing! I am super excited about this and can’t wait to order my first box. Who isn’t a kid at heart?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are great ideas! You know, I homeschool my three kids and I haven’t intentionally done a craft or a project with them in MONTHS. It happens to anyone! But I may steal your idea and have a family day where we do something together. My kids are older so maybe even cook dinner? Who knows? Possibilities are endless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are truly endless! It’s so easy to put that fun stuff on the shelf, but if we plan for it, it can turn out to be exactly what we needed! Try a cook off or grab some wood, nails and a hammer and see what they come up with!

      Liked by 1 person

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