GroundHog Day Canada Style!

If you are into planning fun stuff for your kiddos for different eventful days, then this post is for you!

GroundHog Day Activities

It’s GroundHog Day and besides these little critters being the cutest darn thing on a cold wintery day…they are also a fun way to predict if winter is staying or heading out!

Frost Cold Winter Trees No Spend January Freezing Temperatures
I am begging for an early spring!

My kids love GroundHog Day…but only because they get to make a ton of crafts, and play a pile of games all based around a cute furry animal…who could blame them?

I tend to spend hours finding ideas online every year, so this year I decided to get ahead of the game and compile a list of activities that I can get to every year and save myself a few moments of time!

Too cute!

Here are the best online crafts, games and informational sites that I could find to go along with this fun event and hopefully you will find something that appeals to you!

Have fun and enjoy the time with your kiddos!

GroundHog Day Activities

Canadian History Lesson 

DTLK Canadian and American History Lesson with Songs Groundhog Day Compilation 

GroundHog Day Preschool Day

Kindergarten Activities

Lower Grade Levels

Upper Grade Levels– shadows

Upper Grade Levels– woodchucks

Upper Grade Levels- weather

Check out your local recreational centre or city websites to see what activities are being offered in your area!

Happy GroundHog Day,

Butterfly Life Of Brucks lifeofbrucks.comMama Brucks


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