No Spend January: Week 2

No Spend January: Week 2

Plan for the Unplanned….

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Ok, I know, you can’t actually do that, but here’s what happened this week…

We were caught off guard by a few things we needed to pay for, but didn’t properly budget for:

What was it you ask? Mice!


Mice…that’s right, those pesky little rodents that love the rural parts of our country!

They found their way into the air filter of my van, had enough time to build a nest and chew through the air filter…YUCK!

Apparently staying home and not driving anywhere to save money ended up costing me money in the end…such is life.

Here’s the kicker…we had planned to use a free oil change from our dealership, but they weren’t open on sunday and we needed to get it done. We decided to pay for the oil change at a different location and take it out of our grocery budget since I was able to save $40 bucks this past week (see below).

Once my hubby got there, the technicians found the mouse nest and chewed up air filter ( sorry guys!) and we had to pay to have it replaced and cleaned out…I am not complaining, I am sure they could have done worse damage with wires etc, but it ended up costing us $130 bucks!! That hurt.  Since we have an emergency fund set up (Dave Ramsey Baby Step#1) we should have been able to just use that to pay for this “emergency” and then pay back our savings, except we had to use the emergency fund a few months back and have not had a chance to pay it all back yet!!

So onto Plan B….borrow from February’s budget…that means less gas money for moi, but a working van for the family…so be it mice…you win!

We had also bombed on one other event…entertainment for the kids.

Our oldest son, Bobo, and Daddy Brucks desperately needed some one on one time as Bobo’s behaviour was reflecting that he was looking for attention from his dad. Since we decided to use our February budget to cover the emergency, we went ahead and used $20 bucks from the grocery budget to pay for the two of them to go swimming…we were reluctant and didn’t like that we were choosing this, but knew our son needed the time with his dad and that we could work it out in the budget somehow…

And to be honest..I AM SO GLAD WE DID! Bobo’s behaviour improved so much that I had my polite, sweet boy back and no more of this picking on his siblings stuff…best $20 bucks I ever spent!  ( I now you can’t buy that kind of behaviour change, but you can sure set up an awesome time with your kids and find they stop looking for attention in negative ways!)

Now for the Groceries Budget:

We had $136.25 for the week…

Menu for the week

 January Meal Plan Week 2

January Meal Plan Week 2Grocery List

Grocery List No Spend January Week 2Grocery List No Spend January Week 2

So…Notice anything strange?

Confession time…I threw out the receipt…before recording what I purchased…I am so sorry!

But I did manage to take a picture of the overall cost of my purchases!


I only spent $87.02!!!

After the $40 bucks in PC points!!

Oh, but I forgot to buy yeast to bake bread so add $4.00 to that list…Still pretty good!!

Thank you Superstore! And I am already at 1600 PC Points again so hopefully by the end of February I will score another $40.00!

Week 2 Overview

Overall No Spend Rating:


Four Stars this week as we did choose to pay for swimming…and could have planned for something free…

What we could have done differently:

Not much, other than the swimming, we really should have planned better for time with the kids…

What we did well:

1)Play dates with great friends!

2) Used the library as a place to play indoors ( toy area) and a place to get some free books to entertain us!

3) Bartered for food ( a girlfriend of mine offered to buy pizza for lunch and instead of me paying her, I brought the vegetable to go with the meal…win win!)

4)Baked bread, used up leftovers during the weekend and enjoyed time with friends and family over a cup of tea! Life is good folks!

Here’s to Week 3 and hopefully no more unexpected money grabbers….our emergency fund can’t handle it…

Happy Saving!

pink-butterfly-clipart-butterfly-pink-hiMama Brucks

No Spend January Life of Brucks No Spend Month Finances Budgeting


10 thoughts on “No Spend January: Week 2

  1. The library is our go to. Our library has a program that kids can read to service dogs. Its a big hit. You can find so much entertaining stuff for free that you never would know existed!


  2. Ugh. Mice. We had some in our basement, and it was not a fun thing to get rid of them…not fun to our budget either. You did really great with your budget, even with that unexpected expense. I love that your husband took your oldest swimming and got him some needed attention. I’d definitely agree that was priceless.

    Liked by 1 person

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