5 Ways to Make Walking Outside with Toddlers a Delight!

I’ve got a great joke for you!

One winters day, four toddlers and their mama go out for a walk….

Need I say more…

If you’re a mom you’re already laughing…

After an hour of attempting to bundle up the kids without losing your cool, you now have four wandering children going in all different directions, pushing, falling, and slipping down every slope they can find.  They are cold, crying and whining and it’s enough to quit going outside altogether!

We’ve all been there buddy…

Winter isn’t an easy time of year around here as the cold weather makes it hard to get outside and enjoy the day.

I need exercise and fresh air in the winter and although playing in the yard can help with that, I need more to keep me going and a walk outside is the only way to wake me up some afternoons!

I have discovered over the years a few different ways to make this activity a lot more tolerable..and somedays something to look forward to!!

5 Ways to Make Walking Outside With Kids a Delight!

Walking with Toddlers

You will have to find a way to get all these pumpkins bundled and ready to go, but keep in mind, as you are being knocked over, kicked and cried on, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and here are 5 things to make all of it worthwhile!


1) Imagination: 

Forget about what the others sitting in their warm homes think of you and use that silliness you have stashed away.

My kids favourite game right now is Hide From The Dragon. I have three boys and one girl and dragons are a hit around here! We run around pretending that a dragon is flying overhead! I direct them where I need them to go by shouting, “he’s behind you, run to that tree!” It works about half the time and gets us a few blocks ahead of where we are wanting to go!

2) Races:

This one seems obvious, but if you are a bit lazy like me, running in winter gear doesn’t sound like fun…but, once you get going, you will be glad you did..they will get a few blocks further ahead and do it fairly quickly!

3) Friends:

Inviting friends to tag along with you is always a great idea!! Not only do you have another adult to help herd the sheep, but the kids enjoy the friendships too!

4) I SPY:

A classic game we always used to play in the car on long road trips.

It’s a great way to get the kids focused on something other than the cold and can get them moving ahead a few steps. I usually have the kids not only find the item with their eyes, but go and touch the spot where the item is!

5) Snow Shoes:

I haven’t tried this one yet, but have heard raved reviews! You can purchase kid sized snow shoes and once everyone is all bundled up, they are so excited to try this out that they walk for quite a while. I would suggest bringing a sled for anyone who wants to take them off after a bit, you can just stick the shoes in the sled and keep going!

6) Bonus: Hot Cocoa!

Of course, bribing my toddlers has always been helpful (don’t judge me!) and letting them know that there is Hot Cocoa for them if they walk with me is a great motivator!


Now that I have shared with you my walking ideas…how about yourselves…what gets you through a cold winters day walk with the kids?

Warming Up with Hot Cocoa,

pink-butterfly-clipart-butterfly-pink-hiMama Brucks




11 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Walking Outside with Toddlers a Delight!

  1. I live in a small city and I find we do a lot of walking, even in the cold Boston winter. I find bundling up really well does wonders, and having a warm destination. Honestly, though, the cold doesn’t seem to bother my toddler at all. I think it’s harder for me! The games you suggested sound like fun, and I particularly like the idea of hot cocoa to look forward to 😉


  2. Ahhh thank you for this!!! This is only my second winter living in a snowy area and I am at a loss!! I feel so bad keeping my son cooped up…and it also really affects my mood when I am cooped up. I will have to brave the bundling up and the cold and go on some adventures with him. 🙂


  3. What a refreshing post. I don’t do well in the cold. But then again, when I get over it and the kids and I head outside, I always feel better and like we all accomplished something. Even if it is just for thirty minutes, it’ just enough of a change up that we all desperately need. My children are waiting for snow, and I’m, well, not thrilled at the prospect. But maybe I’ll be able to hang in there (or out there) when it does finally snow. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. YAY, yes, I needed to read this! We’ve got a 7yo boy and his 1yo little brother. Thankfully the 7yo is used to getting bundled up and walking everywhere all of the time since we live in the city (no car!), but he still likes to run ahead, dawdle behind, or just gets distracted by EVERYTHING, so it’s not exactly “easy”. And now the little one is getting tired of his pram since he learned to walk, but AHHH it’s hard enough to keep the 7yo by our side! So, yes, like I said, I needed to read this!! Hah! xo


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