No Spend January

One Month of Necessities Only

That’s right…No spending…Nothing extra that costs money.

My husband and I love to spend and shop…although its been within our budget (Dave Ramsey Style), our budget is going to be getting smaller so we are needing to reset and redo the next few months of budget and No Spend January is going to start us off on the right foot! (I hope!)

Step #1: Set up the ground Rules

  1. Edibles are a must but need to stay within the budgeted amount( Our groceries are typically around $800 a month- that includes diapers, toilet paper, shampoo, etc.). I have already spent $250 of that budget on pantry items and toiletries…so I will have approx. $137.00 a week left.
  2. Toilet paper will be bought!
  3. Nothing I already have! My house is filled with things I don’t even realize I own, so for this month I will not be purchasing anything that I already have! For example: I have three bottles of shampoo, tons of craft supplies, a bunch of new toys from christmas, more movies to entertain us than is imaginable, and enough clothes to last a lifetime…so needless to say, I have no reason to go shopping for extras!
  4. No spending money on date nights– these must be free or use up any gift cards we already have.
  5. No spending money on entertainment for kids ( we own season passes to our science centre, and our museum in the city is free, so we will just have to choose these places over chuck e. cheese! Enter sad face…)
  6. No spending excess money on gas! My gas budget is typically $300 a month and seeing that we drive to the city and back at least twice a week, I am going to have to be content to stay home and get creative that way!  I am lowering our gas budget to $250 and putting that other $50 into savings instead!
  7. LISTS LISTS LISTS! No impulse buying! We will be meal planning and shopping based on this list…I will also be going through our cupboard and attempting to use up what we already have ( which I do anyways, but I will try to be more diligent this time around).
  8. $30 dollars set aside for gifts for others outside the family if there are birthdays to buy for…but only 30 dollars for all! We will get creative and add to gifts with baking, homemade cards, etc.
  9. If items come up to be bought during January that we have no choice but to buy, then we must discuss this and decide if the money is being borrowed from the February budget..but remember, come february we will not have that amount of money available…(examples of these are items your kids school requires you to purchase, or your car breaks down and you need to repair it, etc.)
  10. January is my birthday month and my husband will not be happy at the idea of not buying me a gift as he LOVES to give gifts…it’s his favourite thing to do for others besides giving them a hug! Since its my birthday though, I figure its a good one to set limits on. I will be asking him to make me something, or do some odd jobs around the house as my love language is acts of service and I LOVE when people are able to help me cross off things on my to do list…

Now that the ground rules are set…

Step#2: Set ourselves up for success

1) Inspiration:

How to Survive a No Spend Month

2) Free Budget Tracker:

EveryDollar Budget

3) Example:

31 Days of Living Well and Spending Less

Now that we have our ground rules and our support set up…

Here is to Day One of No Spending January!

Wish me luck…and if you’d like to join me on this journey with tips, tricks and the crazy fails that we will walk through…sign up with your email today and don’t miss a single one!

Happy Saving!!!

pink-butterfly-clipart-purple-butterfly-mdMama Brucks

 No Spend January

12 thoughts on “No Spend January

  1. Best of Luck! After reading three articles about “No-spend” challenge, I am also signing myself in it. It isn’t too late for me since I haven’t spend anything out of necessity yet (day 2 here in the Philippines!) 😊


  2. These are really awesome tips!! I find the birthday especially hard – since we have about thirty friends with kids and several of them have multiple children. We can end up with 2-3 parties a month some months! It gets out of control. I think you’ve set up a great plan – can’t wait to see how it goes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you want to try this, look through your calendar and choose a month that is less busy and has as few extras as possible. Once you have one successful No Spend Month you will get better at them and can try it during a busier month!


    1. Definitely take a month to plan for this…I spent a period of a couple of weeks looking over January to make sure it would be as successful as possible! Don’t choose a month that has lots of parties and extra payments…the key is success so that you will want to try it again!


  3. We just started using the EveryDollar Budget App and I love it! We’re drastically dropping in income in February and so I’ve only budgeted with my part time income. So far so good – I actually enjoyed the challenge of getting creative and meal planning from my pantry the last week of January in order to avoid going over our grocery budget!

    Liked by 1 person

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