Faithful Steward Friday Christmas Edition


Merry Christmas

Jesus Has Been Born


We are all very excited today and this week has been a fun one! We have read many christmas books together, sang songs and crafted to our hearts content! We have enjoyed time with friends and family and I even spent one on one time with my LuLu walking around our village looking at the wonderful christmas decorations for the celebration today!

Typically these posts are in relation to how I am caring for my home, but today I have decided to keep in context with the true meaning of christmas and focus on Love and being a steward of the Love I have been given. ( Also, there hasn’t been a single extra house project done all week…thank you Christmas!)

My husband and I had a verse that we used for our wedding day…we love because he first loved us…and today I am reminded of that love. God sent His one and only Son, so that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Free Printable from Decorate My Life

So instead of spending my time on projects and things this week…I spent my time loving on my family.  And Christmas day will be a day of loving those around me through smiles, hugs, memories and gifts…let His Love shine everyone, to the best of your abilities!

Merry Christmas to You All and a Happy New Year!

Mama Brucks

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