5 Energy Burning Games to Survive Christmas Break with Littles

5 Energy Burning Games to Survive Christmas Break

If you’re like me, the few days before Christmas is full of to-do lists and energetic children. These beautiful little ones are overly anticipating the coming celebration and even if they haven’t already raided the cookie jar, they are bound to, and the extra energy can be exhausting for Mama!  I have decided to try to plan for this extra surge of crazy with a few energy burning activities to use for the days ahead! Feel free to tweak them and make them work for you!

Hide and Seek Snowman


This one is easy and if you add a timer, the energy burning increases!

What you need:

  1. A stuffed snowman ( or any kind of snowman, santa, or christmas teddy)
  2. A place to hide them (Do this ahead of time so the kids don’t watch where you put him)
  3. Timer- optional

You can either hide this snowman outside or inside, either works.


  1. Begin by telling the kids that Snowman is lost and needs your help!
  2. Set the timer and let them know that Snowman is going to melt if we don’t get him in the freezer soon!
  3. Then send the kidlets off looking! They will run and jump and destroy every cupboard looking for him, but will also be burning off lots of their energy in the mean time! Join in the fun as well, you could burn a few extra calories before the big feast on Christmas Day!

Indoor Snowball Fight


What you need:

  1. Styrofoam Craft Balls ( You can find these at Dollarama 3 for a dollar or any craft store) or
  2. Kleenex ( Ball some kleenex up, then wrap one kleenex around your ball. Place a piece of tape on it to hold it in the ball shape.)


  1. Begin by building forts with all the cushions, chairs and blankets you can find.
  2. Stockpile your Styrofoam “snowballs” into the forts.
  3. Pick teams and let the fun begin. You can play this game a few different ways. You can just try to hit each other ( these balls are so light that no matter how hard you try to throw them, they don’t hurt…much). You can also try to knock over targets lined up in front of the forts ( teddy bears, blocks, cups, etc.). No winner is necessary, once all targets are hit, or all “snowballs” are thrown, begin again!

Snowflake Dance Party


What you need:

  1. The Nutcracker Suite music, or any other christmas music you would like to use.
  2. Yourself

Optional * Dress up in something christmas themed. Tinsel is a great add on for dancing with!


  1. DANCE!
  2. Set a timer if you’d like, and just dance with your littles!
  3. You can each take turns and show each other your dances or you can practice a routine and show it to a family member afterwards! Littles love to dance so go for it!

Blogger Spotlight

Santa Says


What you need:

  1. Just Yourself and the Littles!


  1. This is just a spin off of Simon Says. Tell the kids they are your elves and you are santa.
  2. Play Santa Says and have the kids pretend to do activities that the elves would do for Santa.

For example:

Hammer a nail.

Put up christmas lights.

Sing Jingle Bells.

Ring Bells

Sew a doll together

Make Hot Cocoa

Anything you can come up with is great! The kids will love the silly ideas and love spending time with you! If you’d like, you could even dress up with a santa hat!

Reindeer Tag


What you need:

  1. Flags or rags
  2. Some space
  3. One person to be Santa (“it”)
  4. Others to be the Reindeer


This game might be best played outside or if you have a large basement room.

  1. Reindeer tag is a simple game of tag.
  2. You all have to run on all fours like a reindeer would!
  3. The person who is Santa (“it”) runs on two feet as Santa would.
  4. You must place a rag or flag in a back pocket, or tucked into ski pants.
  5. When the person who is it (Santa!) comes to get you, he/she must grab and hold onto the flag of that reindeer.
  6. Once a reindeer is caught, they must follow santa around wherever he goes!
  7. Once all the reindeer are caught, another person can be chosen to be Santa.
  8. If catching all the reindeer proves to be too difficult, Santa can then decide to retire and give the job to the last remaining reindeer!

I hope these activities will keep you active and keep the kids having a great time during their christmas break…and give you a chance to have some fun along with them!


With Love and Oodles of Christmas Spirit!

Mama Brucks

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