Faithful Steward Fridays

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

It’s Friday once again and although Christmas is getting close, I was able to squeeze in one more simple project before the holidays!

Week #2- The Porch Entry Way

Now try to visualize this for me…You walk into a strange home for the first time, hoping to find a diamond in the rough…only to find a mountain of dead boxelder bugs heaped in each corner of a dusty front porch. You aren’t sure if you should scream in horror or shudder in disgust…

Boxelder Bugs Midwest United States

This was the house we decided to buy.

I’m starting to realize we, The Brucks’, are a bit odd. I like to think of us as a family that sees the good in everyone…and every house. Even one that seems to be made for a horror film.

But enough about all things creepy and crawly…(No word of a lie, as I am typing this one of these bugs just flew at my face!!!! Don’t worry, I got my revenge…)

Our front porch is an add on that just doesn’t fit the age of our house and we had planned to renovate the entire main floor right after we had moved in. Of course those plans were derailed when we found out we were expecting Royroy. Everything has been put on hold and will be for a little while longer. So instead of ignoring the off white, 90’s and 80’s mixture of style, I have decided to embrace it, well, sort of.

2015-12-13 20.15.04
White on cream on gold….seriously people?


I decided to start with the door. Exciting right!

All that is gold does not glitter? We shall see about that!

The inset window of these doors has a 90’s gold trim design.  I really am not a fan of gold anything…but since it was not something I could change, I had to find a way to work with it. Cue the black paint! I went searching for paint colours in our ever growing collection of left over paint and found lamp black.


2015-12-13 20.33.21
Such a cute little can…


After spending an hour taping with Frog Tape (for the first time ever!) I went to work painting the small trim around the windows.

The first coat appeared streaky and thin, but Daddy Brucks reassured me that a second coat would do the trick.

2015-12-13 19.52.35
I may have found my calling…


2015-12-13 20.57.06
It already looks better!


I let the first coat dry overnight and after an exhausting day with the kids, I went to work on the second coat and loved it immediately!!

We peeled the tape off before it dried on and VOILA! The gold finally glittered!

Are you ready to see it for yourselves?


2015-12-15 17.23.31
Pretty professional if I do say so myself!


2015-12-15 17.23.08
Quite a bit better!


And now, for the real test…before and after!



Of course now the off white looks even worse than before…I guess I know what my next project will be!

With Love (and a little paint),

pink-butterfly-clipart-butterfly-pink-hiMama Brucks


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