Ode to Target: 6 Reasons I Shed Tears the Day They Left Canada


It’s been almost a year since you left us Canadians with your tail between your legs. Our cold climate and thick skin were harder to keep warm than you thought…but this does not make a mama of four littles happy…in fact…I cried…


          Ok, I know what you are thinking… “Seriously? You shed tears over a store that never even had milk when you needed it?!” I get it, Target screwed up royally when they got here. I don’t pretend to understand anything about managing a store, let alone a chain of them, but Target must have done something very wrong and they paid the ultimate price in Canada. The only problem is…they were also doing a lot right!

          I recently ran into a Target in the state of Nevada while on holidays with my hubby. I figured we’d snag a few great deals for christmas gifts and enjoy a coffee while we were at it.  We hadn’t been in Target since last January when they closed down.  When we walked in, we felt as though we were back home in the same store we had frequented while it was in our home country. It was nostalgic for me, weird right?  I spent many hours in our Target while we had one. I actually would go out of my way to choose shopping at Target over the Walmart which was 15 min. closer to me.  Being in the Nevada Target reminded me of all the things I miss dearly now that they are gone:

I couldn’t resist…
  1. Options– They had many more options for us poor folks in the prairies! Prior to Target moving in, I desperately wanted an Ergo baby carrier when my first was born and the only option out here was to order online, pay crazy shipping costs and wait weeks for it to show up. Then Target swoops in and carries it on their shelves! On. Their. Shelves people!
  2. The Limousine of All Carts– Cue heavenly music! These carts are epic! They held four children comfortably, all trapped in there! Not a single child had to be half held and half barked at to keep them from pulling everything off the shelves. I could wander around and they had no choice but to go where I moved them!! For this fleeting moment of sanity Target, I thank you…

    Look at these things…just look at them!
  3. Quiet– I’m not sure if this was a screw up, but there wasn’t even music playing in the store when I was there…which was wonderful, I had enough noise in my life!
  4. Starbucks– Do I really have to explain this one..and do not, I repeat, do not attempt to compare Walmart with their Tim Hortons to Target and their Starbucks…it will not end well for you.

    It’s like sipping on hope…
  5. Prices– Folks, we were fools…I heard so many ( including myself) complain that there weren’t great deals in Target Canada like they had in the States. Well, the state of Nevada prices were higher than in Canada, even with the coupons! I spent more money in the states with the 20% off coupon then I would have at Walmart in Canada!! Crazy right? (and Yes, I did do the cost conversion properly…).
  6. Did I mention Starbucks? Seriously, I could spend over 2 hours in there with my children and get a second cup of coffee whenever I felt like it!

          All this to say, Goodbye once again. I loved you while you were here and wished you could have got your act together and stuck around for a while.  Then again, you never did have milk when I needed it (which makes a mom of many a tad upset…although you did offer me Starbucks…)

One can always hope you’ll try again…

Still finding a way to survive shopping with littles,

Mama Brucks

               Side Note: While searching Target Canada on google, I discovered their new international website…be still my beating heart! http://intl.target.com  (I AM IN NO WAY BEING PAID FOR THIS ARTICLE…I truly just love Target…is there a Target’s Anonymous Group somewhere? Maybe I should start one? :S)

What was your experience with Target Canada? Comment below!

14 thoughts on “Ode to Target: 6 Reasons I Shed Tears the Day They Left Canada

  1. Oh man. I can’t even imagine if the Target near me closed down. I’m there at least a couple times a week. I even used to work there for a while. I’m really surprised they didn’t succeed. They usually make really good plans before opening. Hopefully, they’ll try again.

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    1. They really did mess up here, I think they assumed we would all abandon our usual shopping centres and all shop with them. We certainly loved them while they were here but for some reason, all across Canada, they had the same problems with shelves being empty, merchandise not in stock, etc…it would get frustrating to go for something and they wouldn’t have it on the shelf…people would quit going after a while…


    1. They moved in around 2013 and their projected sales were not going to have a profit until 2021( my facts might be a bit off)…they truly didn’t wow Canada and things like coupons and prices, etc. don’t work the same as they do in the states…I wish they had tried harder but I am no expert in managing department stores!


  2. I cried too! Like ugly cry. Granted I was pregnant and had a teething toddler and that place had been my escape for a long time. I miss them and am still grieving and sad. You are not alone!

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      1. Me too! Open early the staff super friendly. I was pretty pregnant last fall and my toddler was cutting her canines so it was a brutal fall, that was our sanctuary too. We spend a lot of time there and would frequently be there when they opened in the morning


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