Faithful Steward Friday

Faithful Steward Friday


                This above verse can have many applications in ones life. For myself, this verse has been speaking towards the way I spend my time and how I could be caring more for the home that God has given me. I have been in “baby-mode” for the past 5 years and many household chores have been put on hold. I am now in a place where I am able to attempt some of these tasks once again and for the next few months, I will be attempting to organize my whole home in a purposeful way…wish me luck!

Week #1- The Hutch…

Scary right!

             You’ve lorded over me long enough. Your shelves have spewed coloured paper and glittery accents for far too long. You have become an ever increasing stressor, but not anymore! Today I will rise up and defeat you!

              This hutch and I have been ignoring one another for many months now and the stress of it is starting to get to me…as I am sure you can tell, so I have decided to make it a movie afternoon for the toddlers and get this organization complete!

The Process:

Step One: Settle in the toddlers with a movie- 30 min. later and after getting in washroom breaks, drinks and finding the exact snacks they were crying for,  off I went!

Step Two: Clear off the shelves. As quickly as possible. Can I stop now?

Seriously overwhelmed…

Step Three: Grab a cup of coffee and resettle the kids. Again.

Step Four: Throw out anything that was empty, chewed up or pointless. This is where I normally get stuck, but today I was ready to go!

Step Five: Resettle the toddlers…these movies just aren’t entertaining them today. I finally put RoyRoy down for a nap. This seems to have  helped the commotion a bit.

Half way there!

Step..Where was I? Oh right, throwing things out…

Step Who Knows: I AM DONE! Ok, so there were a few more steps to get to this point. I went on to decide what to do on the shelves, what to keep, what not to keep. I also had to decide what I wanted access to and what I should store away for a later date. Once all that was complete, I headed to the shelves and started filling them up. Here are the after photos for you! Hopefully you are inspired to attack that one area that’s been bothering you lately! Have a great friday!

My completed hutch…so clean!
I labelled all the boxes so I don’t fill them with more than I should.
Isn’t he cute!
Merry Christmas!
Simple yet perfect!

And in case you forgot….Here’s the before: image10

And here’s the after!!!

I can breathe again!

Have a wonderfully motivated weekend, 

Mama Brucks

Week #2- All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

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