Happy Birthday to Me

              Its dark in here, only my thoughts and my imagination surround me. I think and wonder, smile and cry, but no one can see me. They sense I am with them and know that I will one day join their world. I know when that day will come and today is that day. I sit and wait for the itch, the urge, the push I need to look out and see the world I have read and observed over the last few years of my hidden life. Today I am born into the world of writing and although the first few moments will be filled with fear and anxiety, it will soon be my new normal.  Here I go..off to meet the rest of you.

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              I am MamaBrucks…the one and only of this fabulous crew!  DaddyBrucks is the laughter and love of my life and our four children complete this grand photo. Bobo is 5 years old and holds the record for silliest made up knock knock joke in our house. Lulu is 4 years old and continues to amaze me with her drama and giggles. Coco is 3 years old, being the third child he tends to be the forgotten one (who was I talking about again?). I am only kidding, Coco is the goofiest little monkey you will ever meet, he is truly unforgettable! Then there is Royroy. Royroy is 19 months old and is the loudest, craziest and fastest of them all (ever watch Roadrunner? I’m Wile E Coyote and no matter how hard I try, he cannot be stopped…you get the picture.)


              While I don’t actually have any time at all to write, I figure why not add more to my plate and see what craziness ensues…and then share said crazy with the rest of you.  Its like my mama always said, “Get outta my kitchen, I just cleaned in here!!“.  Oh wait, that’s not right….let’s try that again:  It’s like Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” ~Helen Keller

Helen Keller


So let’s join together in this life to Encourage, Inspire and Simply Laugh.

Mama Brucks



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